How to easily attract 10-15 new patients into your Practice in the next 3-4 weeks without spending hours stuck at your computer screen!

Introducing Osteobiz Social Media Savvy!

Hi - I'm Gilly Woodhouse and the reason I work with Osteopaths like you is because, for over twenty years, I have marvelled at how Osteopathic treatment has had such an impact on my own family's health.

Indeed you might know about my son, who's had episodes of life threatening illness.  Remarkably, he has responded extremely well to regular treatments.

So I want to assist you to learn how to easily attract lots more new Patients so that you can help them back to health too.

The quickest way to do this is to get consistent and crystal clear messages out to your community to help them understand how you can help. Because after all, the online world is here to stay and so we might as well embrace it.

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For years now I've worked with start ups, sole practitioners, small clinics as well as large multi-disciplinaries from around the world. And I can promise you that social media marketing is vital to the ongoing success of your Osteobiz. 

With over 2 billion users on Facebook alone, if you're not active there, you're definitely missing out on connecting with new patients!

But I get it that constantly creating content to post is a complete pain! So I've put together some great resources to make marketing yourself super easy.

My mini course Social Media Savvy has step by step training and over 170 pieces of 'done for you' social media content. That will certainly take the headache out of your marketing. More importantly every piece of content has been designed to get the attention of your potential patients. The images and text combine to create powerful messages which help more people to understand WHY they should book to see you about their pain. 

You can get all this step by step and practical social media marketing training, planners, images, memes, short inspiring videos and more for just £99! 

Simply click the button, choose your currency and it'll be yours right now. Or if you prefer to do this over the phone, you can call me on +44 (0)788 736 7936.

Case study - Jennie

When I first met Jennie, her Patient bookings were generally inconsistent and low and she felt very unsure about what she should be doing on social media to change that. 

Jennie was concerned about annoying people by posting too frequently. Sometimes she was even worried about what her peers would say about the type of content she posted.

So I worked quickly to help Jennie to feel confident in her message, frequency of posts and how to manage it all with ease.  She started posting a variety of really compelling content and her audience began to communicate with her. 

Having lots of other responsibilities including family, Jennie didn't have time to waste on unproductive tasks. So she scheduled ahead a whole month of daily posts, which meant that her marketing was consistent. She learned that batching tasks is highly efficient and saves loads of time. 

Jennie's diary is now busy and all she has to do is keep an eye on comments on her social media posts. Then simply rinse and repeat!



Osteobiz Social Media Savvy covers everything you need to know to confidently use social media to attract all the new Patients you want. 

Over the years I've created a huge amount of shareable content with powerful messages and now I've brought it all together for you to make your online marketing easy. 

Once you're set up, as I said, you can simply rinse and repeat! That's it!

Have a peek behind the scenes...

A proven approach specific to Osteopaths to make the most of social media marketing

Getting started online can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all! 

One of the biggest mistakes I see are Practitioners panic posting random stuff on social media when Patient numbers are dropping. Then once they get a few new bookings, they stop posting for weeks or even months. Or they'll post inconsistently, never go back and interact with those who've commented and conclude that it doesn't work!

This kind of marketing leads to a boom or bust cycle and typically to fluctuating income, stress and major headaches too! What a nightmare!

  • But what sort of things can you post?
  • What should you say?
  • What shouldn't you say?
  • What's a call to action?
  • How often should you post?

It can seem really daunting.

So to make it easier for you, I've put together over 170 pieces of eye-catching and inspiring images with text (memes) and short videos like this one. Indeed in one week alone this 30 second video was shared over 115 times and reached over 13,500 people on Facebook!

Imagine how many potential patients you could reach with this...

With social media news feeds being fantastically busy, you really do need to STAND OUT! (And yes - that's why this powerful video is also included in the resources - and I suggest you post this one FIRST!)

Your content needs to be inspiring, colourful and have great impact to encourage people in pain to take the next step and trust you enough to book an appointment. 

That means that your marketing MUST be consistent and persistent. This is because they need to keep being reminded not to put up with their pain. They may not understand how you could help them and so your messages need to be crystal clear. And therefore you need a variety of powerful content which gets their attention. Does that make sense?

But are you flummoxed by what to put on social media?

Don't worry - many are!  This Social Media Savvy mini course which is packed full of information and resources for you. With 100+ pieces of social media content, you instantly have over THREE WHOLE MONTHS worth of daily posts.


I want you to feel more confident in what you're doing online to develop powerful relationships with potential Patients. 

I share all this and more with my VIP clients and we always see their bookings rising week on week. Continual marketing is crucial to maintaining a continual flow new patients booking in with you. It really is as simple as that.  

Stop marketing and the new patient numbers will dry up too!  That's why it's crucial to get your marketing handled right now.

Osteobiz Social Media Savvy

Let's face it, social media is here to stay and it's a powerful way to connect with new patients. So I've created this short course especially for you if you want to get to grips with the basics of social media marketing. I share with you simple explanations, practical ideas and top tips. No matter whether you've never even used Facebook for marketing, you'll soon be feeling super confident with it. 

You'll get easy step by step, click by click training videos so that you can follow along at your own pace. In no time at all you'll even be creating your own beautiful and eye-catching images too. 

You will also understand:

  • Which platforms you need to be on
  • All the different types of posts you could be using
  • What the purpose of social media marketing actually is
  • How to save yourself valuable time and stop faffing on Facebook
  • How not to be annoying on social media
  • What mistakes your competitors are probably making
  • Why you need to be building relationships - even if they seem a bit one-sided
  • How social media marketing will create a flow of new patients to your door

All the materials are held online, accessible at any time and are also downloadable for you to keep and revise whenever you wish.

As and when I update this kit with more content, you'll also get free access to that.

And there's no end date to worry about either.

And as with everything I do, your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.

Let's take the pain out of marketing once and for all and finally become social media savvy!

Always by your side...




Here's some more examples of the type of content included in the resources. I even show you how to add your own website URL so when it gets shared by your page followers, your website goes with it...



Action starts with the right mindset. We get you in the correct head-space from the start. Plus there's planners to get you organised.

Step-by-step video training

Short training videos focus on quickly delivering results in easy to follow steps. You'll be a social media pro in no time!

Valuable resources

You'll get all the resources you need: 170+ pieces of gorgeous content: images and short videos to post and re-post!

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Impactful images and vibrant videos

Eye-catching images help you to get the attention of your target audience. 

I'll show you exactly how to easily add your website or phone number in the space provided. Then if your post gets shared on your name is always visible.

Do this once and then share it many times - easy! 

That way you're continually repeating your message and compounding understanding in your local community.

So you could spend an half an hour today customising these images, uploading and scheduling them and watch your bookings increase!

In my experience it's the action takers who achieve success.

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